The Secret of Being Content

I have struggled my whole life with being content. Even as a young child I remember being discontent. When I was in college I was talking to a mentor about this. I was telling her that I was really struggling with being content and always wanting to be somewhere else and doing something else. When I was in one group I wanted to be in another. When I had a job I wanted a different job. I was always looking at what others had and what I didn’t have. My mentor told me that she remembered reading a verse in the Bible that talked about a secret of being content.

I opened my Bible to Philippians 4:12 – “ I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I’ve learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry whether living in plenty or in want.”

That night I thought about this verse over and over and over again and pondered the secret of being content. Paul talks about how he learned to be content but I kept thinking how did he do it. What really is the secret? Then I looked in the study notes at the bottom of my NIV Study Bible and it said that the secret of being content is being one with God. So I thought about what that meant and I came to the conclusion that Paul was content no matter what because he knew where he stood with God. He knew his place in this life and that no matter what, God would never forsake him and that he would be okay. I’ve had to come to a place in my life and realize that I need to live with a heavenly focus. This earth is not my final destination and I will not be taking any of my material possessions with me to heaven. I need to live knowing that my purpose is not to build an earthly resume but is to proclaim the gospel and that petty things really don’t matter. No matter what the Lord has my back.

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